And yes, this is definitely me, or it was the last time I glanced in a mirror!

Children’s Author – Storyteller – A Fistful of Feathers is my Debut Novel.  That banner at the top of the page?  Well, it just so happens that it looks exactly like a key scene from the book… (p 29)

As well as writing books, I also visit schools, groups, to talk creative writing – spin a few rhymes and poems, read a few extracts – and no, the art of storytelling is far from dead.

From time to time I also have guest bloggers.  You don’t have to be a writer to spark my interest – artists of all types are welcome here!  Just drop me an email and we can discuss.

Take a look at the wattpad page – there you will find some of my recent children’s stories that I’ve posted. DEADWOOD HALL is an example of one that started life on the site… and look at it now all grown up and published! WordPress is a great place to lay out your wares… sort out what works… keep the creative juices flowing.